Christians consider the Bible to be God’s revealed word and the ultimate authority for their lives and faith. To grow in understanding and faith, it is important to be able to properly interpret and explain Scripture, which is where our Biblical Studies Series comes in. In this program you will engage various theological disciplines from a Pentecostal perspective and enhance your effectiveness as a ministry leader with in-depth training in interpreting Scripture and biblical context.


Courses include:

The Old Testament and it's Interpretation

This course is going to be a cross-cultural experience as you delve into the content and context of the Old Testament.

Aug 26 - Oct 20, 2020

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The New Testament and it's Interpretation

This course serves as an introduction to the New Testament in the context of its first century environments.


Oct 21 - Dec 17, 2020

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Christian Thought & Practice

Explore the ways Christians speak of, reflect on, and act on their experience of God.


Jan 13 - Mar 9, 2021

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