This course is going to be a cross-cultural experience as you delve into the content and context of the Old Testament. It provides an elemental framework for interpreting the Old Testament by exploring its ancient Near Eastern contexts and demonstrating how it informs Christian thought and practice. You’ll be challenged and transformed as you engage the Word of God and consider how it informs your faith. This course will encourage and challenge you to read the Old Testament reverently and responsibly through frameworks of interpretation.

The purpose of this course is to introduce, reinforce and equip students with the knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the canon, including its formation, transmission, and reliability as Scripture.
  • Explain the process of OT interpretation and how to employ basic research tools.
  • Identify the ancient Near Eastern cultural, historical, and geographic contexts that inform biblical interpretation.
  • Recognize genres of the OT and how they inform interpretation.
  • Identify key themes, unique characteristics, and theological constructs of the OT that inform the Christian faith.


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