We will explore the ways Christians speak of, reflect on, and act on their experience of God. Hopefully, you will come away from this course realizing that theology is the task/responsibility of every Christian (not just professional theologians). We will approach the study of theology from multiple angles and learning methods: readings (including brief readings in the Bible and longer readings in our course texts), hearing from scholars through videos, holding class conversations that unpack the weekly content in creative ways, and activities that will help us further internalize what we have learned. Additionally, we will engage in some practices that cultivate Christian thought into practices that shape our relationship with God and our community.

The purpose of this course is to introduce, reinforce, and measure learning on the following topics:

  • Defining Christian Thought and Theology
  • God - The Focus of Christian Thought
  • God – The Creator of All
  • Being Human
  • Hope in Jesus Christ
  • Christian Life in Community
  • The Future
  • Living Out Christian Thought and Practice
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